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08 Sep

Unleashing the power of agility and diversity

Renaud Prodel
After graduating with a Master in Economics, Renaud Prodel began his career in finance and auditing at Deloitte, where he had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies such as Accor, Total and Peugeot, as well as many different types of people. After eight successful years,...
09 Août

Playful leader, serious change

Playful leader
How many people today would describe their work as play? For most, work and play are opposites. For Frédéric Beziers, however, playfulness in the workplace is something to aspire to. “I would love to see more playful leaders in many organizations, each demonstrating a willingness to challenge and break...
21 Juil

What will change management look like in the age of AI?

Mathis Schulte, Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources at HEC Paris, and an expert in organizational behavior and conflict resolution, is convinced that Artificial Intelligence will have a major impact on change management. In this interview, he shares his insights on some of the key ways in which...
02 Juil

Promoting balance in the workplace and beyond

HEC Paris alumna Chantho Creze firmly believes that people, not projects or technology, are at the heart of any business. In this interview, the engineer-turned-entrepreneur speaks about the key lessons she has learned in business, at HEC Paris and as an expert in Tai Chi.